What are the 6 Mistakes made when making diet to Lose Weight?

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Going hungry to lose weight is one of the worst mistakes we can make. To lose weight we must take a healthy diet, but we must not forget to combine it with a routine of exercises and other healthy habits. In a world where obesity has become one of the biggest health problems in most countries, most people make mistakes when they want to lose weight and avoid getting results. One of the mistakes in wanting to lose weight is to limit oneself to an action. Dieting, exercising, eliminating fat from the diet … but choose only one. Another of the most common mistakes is to resort to a “miraculous diet”, which usually causes a rebound effect. Would you like to know all the most common mistakes when wanting to lose weight?

6 Mistakes when Wanting to Lose Weight

Losing weight has become one of the biggest businesses in the world. Many companies offer weight loss products that do not offer the expected results in the end. These products are sold as “miraculous”, although there is nothing magical about them.

“To lose weight is key to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, and adopt good health habits”.

Below we share the most frequent errors that you must take into account.

Eliminate Carbohydrates

The carbohydrates are the main source of energy and should not be excluded from a healthy eating plan. Carbohydrates provide 4 kcal / gram, just like proteins. However, it is important to differentiate between sugars and starches, and slow-release and fast-release carbohydrates. The mistake of wanting to lose weight is to stop eating carbohydrates as a whole, when what should be limited would be the slow-release sugars.


Going hungry only makes people think about food, so when it’s time to eat, it will be easier to lose control. Ideally, plan a healthy diet that includes protein and fiber, because its satiating effect helps control hunger. Losing weight is not achieved by eating less, but by eating fewer calories (or burn more). Consciously choose your foods, which are nutritious, satiating and do not provide empty calories. Perform physical exercise to reach the hypocaloric level more easily.

Do not Drink Water

Water has no calories, so it cannot get fat. Neither favors the retention of liquids, contrary to what is thought. Sodium can increase fluid retention, so it is recommended to avoid excessive salt intake. The human body is composed largely of water, which makes it essential for our survival. Drinking water helps regulate body temperature, hydrates us and helps eliminate toxins from the body.

Abusing Dietary or Light Foods

The products “low in fat”, “light” or “low in sugar” only indicates that they have at least 30% less fat or sugar than the general version of the product. It does not mean that they are healthy. In general, to make these foods tasty, they add a lot more sugar, so they can be even more harmful than the original ones. In addition, they add just the type of nutrient that is best limited.

Do only Cardiovascular Exercise

Another of the mistakes in wanting to lose weight is that it is enough to go jogging, cycling, jogging or doing any other cardiovascular exercise. The key to obtaining good results is to combine these types of exercises with those of strength and strength. Resistance and strength exercises help increase muscle mass. This, in the long run, helps to burn more calories and, in addition, to recover before exercise.

Do Exclusively a Diet

Do not be fooled by “miracle diets”. The important and healthy thing is to follow a balanced diet and provide us with all the necessary nutrients. It is recommended to avoid junk food and foods rich in sugars and saturated and Tran’s fats. Once the desired weight has been reached, a healthy eating plan and good habits of life should be followed, which prevent the weight from increasing again. In this way, we will achieve our goal.



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What are the 6 Mistakes made when making diet to Lose Weight?
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