8 Foods that You Should Consume When You are on a Diet.

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Quinoa is a very beneficial ingredient in diets, since it has fewer carbohydrates than cereals and can be used to prepare both sweet and savory dishes. Achieving a healthy weight requires great efforts. However, nothing we do will generate a real change if the food we consume when we are on a diet is rich in fats and unhealthy. Even if we are not following a very specific diet, having the right foods will help us lose weight. Choose well and those extra pounds will begin to disappear as if by magic.

Here is the list of foods that we recommend.

Recommended Foods for Dieting:

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A good diet should include some type of oil to better cook the food. The oil extra virgin olive oil is the best alternative, rather than margarines, butters and other oils. Its main quality is that we can use it for anything. Its mild flavor makes it perfect for dressing salads. Its cooking properties will allow us to cook the meat at the precise point. As if that were not enough reason to add it to your diet, extra virgin olive oil reduces our LDL cholesterol levels and moisturizes the skin.

2. Low-Fat Greek Yogurt

“When dieting you should make sure that you consume all the nutrients that the body needs”.

Two of these important nutrients are calcium and protein. The Greek yogurt low in fat has these two components, so it is the perfect complement for breakfast. It can also be the perfect substitute for commercial mayonnaise rich in salt and fat. Include Greek yogurt in your diet in the form of a smoothie, accompanied by a serving of fruit or alone.

3. Olives

If you are following a healthy diet to lose weight, you will surely look for one of the quickest alternatives: salads. One of the favorite ingredients of salads is olives, so you should always have them at hand. Olives were a forbidden food for a long time. Being rich in fat were considered harmful to health. The time has been dismantling these myths and now we know that not only are good, but they bring many benefits to health. They are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins A and C, thiamine and fiber. This makes them an excellent ally of a balanced diet, as long as we do not exceed their consumption. With 7 olives a day is enough.

4. Honey

When you are on a diet you need to get away from processed foods. However, we know that a diet that forces us to eat insipid foods has a high chance of failing. To avoid this, try to have natural honey by hand. With it you can substitute sugar for desserts, prepare sweet drinks, sweeten your coffee or accompany your breakfast. It is important that you choose natural honey and that you do not exceed its consumption. One teaspoon is enough to sweeten your tea or coffee. You will feel that it has not been as sweet as other times due to its mild flavor. With time you will get used to it and you will not need your usual sweetener anymore.

5. Legumes

Legumes bring variety and possibilities to your diet. At the same time you get a variety of health benefits:

  • They reduce the risk of cancer due to the flavonoids they contain.
  • A cup of green beans or peas adds 19% of vitamin K that reduces the chances of osteoarthritis and improves blood clotting.
  • One cup of legumes contributes between 12% (peas) and 19% (beans) of soluble fiber recommended per day.
  • They reduce LDL cholesterol.
  • They are rich in vitamin C.

You can consume the legumes in soup, in cream or in salads. Just remember to monitor your consumption to not exceed, since more than one cup a day can alter your glucose levels.

6. Quinoa

Although many consider it a cereal, quinoa is actually a seed. The reason why it should be in your diet is because, for every 100 grams of quinoa, 16 are pure protein. It is an exceptional source of unsaturated fats (omega 3 and omega 6) and has fewer carbohydrates than regular cereals. As for micronutrients, quinoa gives you potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin E. You can consume it as a substitute for rice, pasta or oatmeal, since it is suitable for coeliacs. Just make sure to wash it well before cooking and you can use it for sweet and savory dishes alike.

7. Eggs

Eggs are a staple in every diet. In addition to being cheap and easy to acquire, you can prepare them in many different ways. Forget the idea that they are harmful to health, since the fat they provide is good and you can always choose to consume only the clear ones. Each egg has around 70 calories, so they can be the star of your breakfast. They can also complement the salad and provide the necessary protein for the meal. Just do not exceed two eggs per day.

8. Fruits

Any fruit that we have on hand is a good complement to the diet. We will try to choose those low in sugar, such as apples or red fruits. Nor can we forget those rich in potassium, such as bananas, or those that help detoxify, such as papaya. Remember that you do not need to choose the most expensive ones. Take advantage of the season: they are cheap and give variety to your diet.

Finally, remember that being on a diet does not mean you should eat unappetizing dishes. Play with seasonal foods and keep the ones we have mentioned to hand. You will see that a varied diet is easy and nutritious.


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