8 Things you Must know Before Starting Diet

Before going on a diet you should know those foods that can help you to satisfy yourself beforehand, as well as those that, although apparently healthy, frustrate your efforts. There are a number of things you should know before you go on a diet. In this way, we can avoid bad practices that are counterproductive and even harmful to our health at the time of putting us on a diet, and carry out only those guidelines that help us make the best use of our diet.

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1.Eat yogurt and nuts

Yogurt and nuts are products with excellent nutritional properties. Some nuts, specifically hard-shell nuts, such as almonds or nuts may be more useful for weight loss than fruits and vegetables. In addition, they are a great source of energy to start the day and include them in a delicious breakfast. Prioritizing this type of food over sweets such as cookies or cakes will be essential when caring for our body. The belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is widespread, and we should try to include healthy products in it.

2.The miracle of the anti-fat sleep

The second of the things you should know before going on a diet has to do with the hours of sleep. While following the guidelines of a diet to lose weight, it will be essential to sleep properly at night. In particular, we must respect the 7 hours of sleep recommended for adults, since, if we reduce these hours to less than 6, fat burning goes down by half. In short, a good rest is essential for health, regardless of whether we want to follow a certain diet or not. Respecting the recommended sleep hours will be, along with a balanced diet and physical exercise, one of the pillars of a healthy life.

3.Imagination to fight against cravings

Faced with the desire to consume unhealthy products, such as chocolate or sweets, a good practice is to imagine you taking large quantities of these products. Although it may not seem true, this advice can help us to calm the appetite and the momentary whim. On the other hand, the more we deprive our body of its little desires, the more we can increase the levels of stress and anxiety. In this sense, it should be noted that indulging in a treat and eating a sweet does not have to be counterproductive to our diet. The only thing we must keep in mind is that we should not overdo it.

4.Drink water to lose weight

Another thing you should know before going on a diet is based on drinking water as a means to lose weight. This advice is one of the simplest, and can allow us to increase the feeling of fullness by drinking a couple of cups of water before eating. In this way, we will better control food intake and achieve long-term weight reduction. In addition, it will help us stay hydrated throughout the day, which will be especially important if we live in a hot area or practice sports regularly.

5.Avoid surfing the internet while you’re eating

Eating distracted is one of the most common ways to lose control while we eat, and causes us to consume larger amounts of food that, in addition, are often unhealthy. This is another thing you should know before going on a diet, and it is one of the least considered. Therefore, we must avoid eating in front of the TV or while playing a video game. This will allow us to be centered in our plate to be able to satisfy before.

6.The dangers of taking only proteins

One of the practices most discouraged by nutritionists is to base the daily diet on the consumption of proteins. Among this type of diets is the Dukan method, since there is no evidence that including higher protein content in the daily diet helps to lose weight. This type of diet, like many other “miracle diets “, only allows us to lose a few kilos quickly. However, the effects will not be lasting over time or the weight loss will be progressive, so it will be easy to regain weight.

7.Pay attention to the labels of the products

Read in detail and know the elements included in the food we buy will let us know if we buy products with added sugars. In this way, we can know how many calories there are each product and if it has an excessively high content of sugar or fat.

In addition, it will be important to know the components of each position that it is not the same to obtain calories from sources of healthy fats, such as olive oil, vegetable oils or refined sugar. Being aware of these differences will help us to follow a healthier diet.

8.Eat fast or eat slowly?

Between these two options, it would be best to eat slowly, which will favor the segregation of the hormones responsible for the sensation of satiety. In this way we can also better control the intake of food, in addition to enjoying a little more of the dish in front of us. With the last of these things you should know before going on a diet you can have enough information to assess the type of food that is best for you. Thus, you will avoid falling into bad habits or follow routines that may harm your body.

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8 Things you Must know Before Starting Diet
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