Thank you for visiting keepcalmandcruise.com, a forum based site that we are hoping will just be a little different to others out there. 

We love to cruise, and so we have been inspired by other sites such as Cruise Critic to put this together. What makes it alternative, is that this site will include the live port and ship cams, thanks to out friends at PTZTV,as well as asking you to let us know what your favourite cruise related songs are, and we will get them up here on the site for others to enjoy and comment on.

 Cruising for us, and for many, is more than a holiday or vacation, and is as much about the ships, as about their destinations. Nothing beats listening to the ocean, with a cold island drink in hand, listening to your favourite songs - this is the experience we want. But we would love to hear about those other experiences when things haven't gone so well. No holds barred here, we want the site to reflect the good and not so good aspects of being on a big boat, so please feel free to comment on our Forum.

We would also like to share some of our favourite ship pics with you. If you want to see your photos up here, please use the submission form to send them through, and we will get them up here in our gallery.

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