How to Make a Diet to Lose Belly Without Going Hungry?

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Discover how to make a diet to lose belly without going hungry. You will see that it is really simple. Making a diet to lose belly without going hungry is the dream of many. In addition, we know that there are plenty of extreme diets that promise this result but that can be harmful. Also, there are very restrictive diets that after a month are impossible to follow, right? Taking this into account, sure you know that the ideal is to seek weight loss with healthy strategies. However, you may not know where to start. In that case, keep reading that we will give you some tips to make a diet to lose belly without going hungry. All are fast, practical and applicable tricks from today. In addition, the vast majority is changes of habits to healthy options and recommended by nutritionists.


1. Daily Breakfast

The first step to make a diet to lower belly without going hungry is to have breakfast. However, many people avoid it because they believe that they will lose pounds much faster. So, eat breakfast daily. In case you think that avoiding breakfast will reduce the calories you eat, you are wrong. The reality is that breakfast provides nutrients and controls cravings throughout the day. This first food gives your body energy. With it, you will be able to perform your daily activities without feeling tired at noon. In addition, you will be less likely to be tempted to eat unhealthy or high-calorie foods. Some good breakfast options are:

  • 250 ml of natural yogurt with 2 tablespoons of oat flakes and 1 apple.

  • 2 scrambled eggs with 2 slices of ham and green tea.

  • 1 slices of toasted whole wheat bread with 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese and 1 banana.

2. Prepare Healthy Snacks to Make a Diet to Lower Belly

Another key to making a diet to lose belly without starving is preparing healthy snacks to make a diet to lose tummy. In this way you can avoid bingeing or the temptation to eat any sweet or unhealthy food you find. By organizing them with time, you can choose very healthy options that fit your pocket and that you like. Some options that you can take with you are:

  • Mix of nuts (3 nuts + 2 almonds + 5 salted peanuts).

  • 5 baby carrots + 2 tablespoons of humus.

  • 1 slices of low-fat panela cheese + 2 medium guavas.

  • 1 medium slice of watermelon with lemon and salt.

3. Choose Complex Carbohydrates

Nowadays, there is the mistaken idea that when making a diet to lose belly without going hungry it is necessary to eliminate all carbohydrates. However, this group of foods is necessary to obtain energy, fiber and other nutrients. In this way, the key is in choosing complex carbohydrates. Above all, we get them from legumes and whole grains. Some good examples are:

  • Oats

  • Beans

  • Quinoa

  • Integral rice

  • Lentils

This type of carbohydrates will give you energy that will be transformed into glucose, but without excesses that damage you. In addition, the best times to add these carbohydrates are in the main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Finally, the carbohydrates that you should avoid are white bread, white rice, canned beans, and commercial breads of refined flours. Therefore, to some options that you can consume are:

  • 1 slice of wholemeal bread with 1 slice of panela cheese.

  • 1 medium slice of vegetarian pizza with whole dough prepared at home.

  • Quinoa cooked with cinnamon and honey.

4. Watch What You Drink

A common advice when you are looking for a diet to lose belly without starving is to drink enough fluids. However, not all drinks are equally healthy and recommended. Watch what you drink!

“Ideally, choose drinks with few or no calories”.

Preferably you should choose only to ingest:

  • Natural water

  • Low fat milk

  • Natural fruit juices in small portions

  • Natural vegetable juices in small portions

  • Teas and infusions whenever you do not add sweeteners

The drinks you should avoid are:

  • Refreshments

  • Commercial juices

  • Drinks with caffeine

Finally, if you are someone who usually goes out partying every week, try to pay close attention to what you drink. You can easily drink alcohol in large quantities. In addition to the damage it causes to some internal organs, it adds calories. The alternative in this case is to limit your alcohol consumption to two drinks per week. In any case, it is better to choose juices or mineralized water.



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