How to Overcome Food Addiction to Start Healthy Dieting?


One of the biggest difficulties when starting with a diet is to give up certain foods. Staying true to a diet is especially complicated at first. For this reason, we show you some methods to follow on how to overcome the addiction to food when you start dieting.

How to Make a Healthy and Balanced Diet

Do Not Follow “Miracle Diets”

This type of diet promises spectacular results in short periods of time and without much effort. These diets are usually put into practice in the early summer, with the famous “bikini operation “. Of course, most advice on these diets is false and often harmful to health.

Some of these diets are:

  • Dissociated Diet of Hay

It began to spread in the 1920s. This advised not to integrate proteins and carbohydrates in the same meal. This is an example of misinformation, although its consequences are harmless.

  • Atkins Diet

This diet consists in reducing to the maximum consumption of carbohydrates from foods such as cereals, milk, pulses, and sugary products. Although a healthy diet recommends not consuming excess carbohydrates, these are a type of essential nutrients that we should not suppress.

  • Dukan’s Diet

This type of diet is based on the consumption of proteins from foods such as meat, fish and eggs.

“The main problem is that it is very unbalanced, so it can be especially harmful to health”.

In general, the “miracle diets” will cause the body to make fat retention in large quantities as soon as we change the diet, with a “rebound effect”. In this way, our body will try to compensate for the food deficit experienced during the diet and lose any results achieved.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a very common mistake in many people’s daily food. If you want to lose weight and control your diet correctly, it will be essential not to skip this first snack of the day. Otherwise, the only thing you will achieve is to arrive at mealtime with a high level of hunger and anxiety, and you will not control food intake well at this time.

  • Therefore, instead of suppressing and even reducing breakfast, it is best to replace saturated fats such as butter and pastries with other foods such as fruits or cereals.
  • This will help us to maintain a more balanced diet and a better nutritional contribution.

Make Five Meals a Day

Addiction to certain foods will be especially difficult to overcome when we are hungry. Therefore, it is advisable to make more meals throughout the day, preparing three heavy meals and two milder meals. This will allow us to consume food in a more distributed way during the day, reducing the feeling of hunger and the desire to “snack between meals”. To keep this advice, it is best to adjust our schedule so that we can meet these five meals.

Do Not Have Prohibited Foods

The only thing we will achieve by prohibiting us from taking certain foods will be to develop an obsession for them. Unless you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, or do not take certain foods for any other moral conviction, it is best not to establish prohibitions with anything. Given this, what we should do is simply reduce those less healthy products, such as sweets, chocolate, ice cream, sweets, etc. A good way to maintain the consumption of all the foods that we like, but controlling their quantities will be, for example, limiting their intake to a certain day a week . In this way we can also reward ourselves for having made other efforts throughout the week.

Eat at the Table, on the Plate and Slowly

Eating sitting at the table and serving food on plates will help us become more aware of the quantities we are consuming. Serving food on plates will allow us to better calculate the amounts. On the other hand, eating sitting and slowly will help us to reach a feeling of fullness beforehand. Eating too fast will make the quantities larger in the end.

If you are one of those who arrive at the time of eating with much hunger and anxiety, follow this step will be especially important to control your diet.



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