What is meant by Soft Diet and its Recommendations to be Met?


HCardio Clear 7 Fungus Hack Arctic Blastaving a healthy diet based on easily digested products will allow your body to process the food without much effort. In the great catalog of diets that today can be obtained in books or the Internet, very little is said about the soft diet because it is a tool for clinical nutrition.

“This does not serve precisely to lose weight, but to combat problems of the digestive system”.

If you are facing intestinal discomfort or if you have started a long fast, this food plan will help you recover your natural conditions. That way you’ll go back to your usual dishes. The soft diet brings with it some common mistakes. “Blanda” is a word that may make you think that you can only eat tender foods, but it’s not like that. Refers to those provisions that are easily digested. For this reason, it is also known as a gastric protection diet. On the other hand, regimes that are related to foods of tender texture are known as soft odontological diets or easy chewing.

When Should You Put it into Practice?

The main objective pursued with this diet is to prevent the digestive system from exerting itself when it processes food. The idea is to recover with the least amount of work possible. In this sense, the products that are consumed must be easily digested. A soft diet is free of saturated fats and does not contain irritants to avoid stimulating the secretion of gastric juice. These characteristics make it one of the diets of tolerance, which are those that seek to adapt the organism to the normal diet after an illness.

What the Soft Diet is Based On:

This is a meal plan that serves as a transition from a liquid diet to a general or normal diet. Its start-up will always depend on the conditions, tolerance and characteristics of the patient. Normally, it involves several phases. As it is a clinical diet, it begins with the consumption of food in periods of 6 to 24 hours along with a liquid replacement. Then, advance to a liquid diet where you drink water from rice, carrots or tea. Finally, semi-solid foods are included. In this last phase, yogurts, cooked ham are ideal. Meats and fish that must be cooked on the grill or in the oven are also included. All this process will allow the patient to reach his usual diet.

Types of Foods that Can be Consumed

Unquestionably, in a soft diet should be chosen those foods that prevent intestinal transit. That is why you have to select those that are easily digested. For example:

Rice and its Derivatives:

These products have astringent properties. That is, they help cleanse the digestive system. You can eat rice, rice grits or foods that are made from rice.

Refined Wheat Flour:

Also its derivatives or wheat semolina. They are low in fibers and, therefore, are very easy to digest. The good news is that you can consume boiled spaghetti.

Homemade Vegetables and Broths:

They favor hydration and provide the amount of electrolytes, minerals and vitamins that the digestive system needs to perform its functions properly.

Tea or Herbal Infusions:

The idea is that the drink is not concentrated, they should be light. One tip is to let the tea boil a short time. We recommend you use chamomile and lime par excellence.

Cooked Carrots:

They have a high amount of soluble fibers that help the proper stool formation and fight diarrhea.

Lean White Meats:

They are ideal after several days without consuming protein s, since their digestion involves a lot of work. The soft diet should include chicken, turkey or fish.

Vegetable Oils:

These should not be subjected to any type of cooking and should be consumed moderately. The idea is that you use it as a dressing of your dishes, but never to cook food.

Alert, This You Cannot Eat:

  • Fried and very salty foods
  • Processed sauces
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Acid juices
  • Soft drinks
  • Candies like chocolate
  • Snacks
  • Hot sauces
  • Pickles (olives, pickle)
  • Tobacco

Some General Recommendations

The soft diet is very easy to follow. It has no complications and is homemade. In this sense, you will only need a little patience because maybe I can miss some flavor. Like any diet, it requires commitment, and even more when it comes to recovering your health.

We recommend that you:

  • Try to eat in small quantities: In this way you will help the digestive process to be faster and easier. You can eat several times a day to satisfy hunger, but always in small portions.
  • Kitchen with little salt: This will prevent the retention of liquid.
  • Try to serve the warm food: That is to say, neither very hot nor very cold, in this way it will not be of high impact for the digestive system every food intake.
  • Chew well: This is a point to which you must give great importance. If you chew food well you will help make digestion very easy. In addition, you will feel more satiety and speed up the metabolism.

The soft diet should not last more than three days. Remember that its main objective is to restore the digestive systems capabilities. In this sense, if you do not see any evolution, tell your trusted specialist to evaluate the process.


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What is meant by Soft Diet and its Recommendations to be Met?
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